Shijiazhuang Jishen Tongchuang Technology Co., LTD., formerly known as Shijiazhuang Jishen Electronic Technology Co., LTD., was registered in 2012, and then changed its name to Shijiazhuang Jishen Tongchuang Technology Co., LTD in 2017.

Jishen Tongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the design and production of sensor-based water quality analysis instruments.

Our commitment to research and development is that our engineers will continue to apply the latest technology to design and manufacture more accurate, stable and reliable advanced instruments.

Jishen Tongchuang produces a variety of customized water analysis instruments. Including: for online measurement and control of conductivity meter, resistivity meter, pH acidity meter, ORP reoxidation potential, DO dissolved oxygen meter, residual chlorine meter, turbidity meter, RO reverse osmosis program controller, flow meter, level meter, pressure transmitter and other industrial online analytical instruments and various supporting electrochemical sensors.

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